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Unusual Spa Treatments for Your Next Vacation

Relaxation can come in many forms. Some prefer a traditional approach, like meditation or massage, while others seek something more unique. From out-of-the-box massages to low-temperature relaxation, read on to discover four special treatments you may not have heard of and where to find them. Best of all, book a wellness treatment at a SELECT Wellness property through your travel advisor and enjoy exclusive offers and special amenities included with your stay.


Javanese Lulur body exfoliation is a traditional Indonesian beauty ritual, dating back centuries in the palaces of central Java. Once considered a purifying prenuptial ritual, its modern benefits help cleanse and detoxify the skin and ease the mind. The coarse blend of turmeric, pandan wangi leaves, and temu giring in a rice powder base exfoliates dry and dead skin before the skin is moisturized with fresh natural yogurt. The enzymes in the yogurt soften the skin and restore its natural pH balance. The treatment is followed by a relaxing Balinese massage and topped off with an invigorating Vichy shower. 


Warm stone massage


From alleviating arthritic pain to increasing sports stamina and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, the benefits of cryotherapy are extensive. Either taking place in a tank or by exposing the body to hyper-cooled air of progressively lowered temperatures, believers swear it soothes sore muscles and can accelerate weight loss. Reaching temperatures as low as -166 degrees Fahrenheit, cryotherapy not only delivers an instant feel-good sensation, but can help promote deeper relaxation, improvements in sleep and reduced pain symptoms even after one short session.


Oils and stones


You already probably know that massages help reduce tension and alleviate stress, but the addition of CBD takes it to another level. Thought to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and alleviate inflammation due to arthritis, CBD is the ideal compound for a massage with effects beyond the surface level. Using organic CBD oil to calm the nervous system and address tendon and joint pain, warm stones are used to loosen muscles while aiding in penetration of the CBD.


REVIVO Wellness Resort Bali

Damiana Sleep Therapy

Damiana Sleep Therapy is a fusion of classic massage therapy techniques with autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) sleep techniques. Centered on the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the native damiana flower, this relaxing treatment affects three different sensory pathways to aid in recovery from chronic stress, insomnia and jetlag.  Accompanied by guided meditation or music therapy, each movement is synchronized for full-circle mental, emotional and physical relaxation.


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